I tried to animated with watercolors.


Every music video in the early 2000's 


Happy 4th of July


elf bowling tribute


Kim Richards vs. Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam ASMR


god im going to be fucking hallucinating this video for months ok there’s just so much to this to break down

  • the initial fact they’re talking through a hand puppet with the oobi eyes 
  • the horrible, horrible desynch between their words and the movements of the hand 
  • lack of any clear place the hand is looking 
  • “dwells in the depths”. just the whole sentence itself and the weird inflection on it.
  • the fact that the dude clearly already discovered this thing and was so moved by it they went to record it 
  • wuoah”, and the split second of open-palmed hand that no longer resembles a puppet 
  • the weird fade in on the music and the fact it sounds a little distorted at first 
  • the very specific but undefinable emotion conveyed by the music 
  • the inconsistent zoom