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very late, but good morning, and hope you are well, and if not, that you have my strength and others regardless

Information High - Yoko Kanno


bryan cranston voiced isamu in macross plus?

bryan cranston is anime: confirmed

bryan cranston voiced isamu in macross plus?

[listens to information high from the macross plus soundtrack on repeat] yeah

[pours a five hour energy shot into a calzone] doot doot doot living in americaaaaaaa…. eye to eye…

this dream seems symbolic, important, even perhaps prophetic, but now that i’m aware i’m in a dream i have to ruin it by playing old ska albums and imagining i have a metal slug 2 cabinet covered in gold

just had a vivid sort of feeling of hands of those who have touched me and touched me kindly and asking “do you feel real?” and me thinking “yes” and then ruining the moment by googling for 80s anime i haven’t seen yet

hulu ad for sbarro that’s just a man crying in front of an ocean backdrop as the words “SBARRO” fades in in the middle of an episode of king of the hill