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Anyone who responds to people hating Starmer with “oh I guess you want the Tories to win then?” needs a fucking slap.

We had an alternative option and people like Starmer are directly responsible for killing it.

Starmer is not just a Labour leader who isn’t left-wing enough. Even Blair kept a lid on the most blatant racism until he was in government. Even Blair wouldn’t have boasted about putting people in prison for dealing a bit of weed whilst refusing to call for corrupt government ministers to resign. There’s everything to suggest Starmer would be a worse Prime Minister than Blair, a true threat to democracy, a proud racist and a dangerously amoral leader.

Starmer has decided without justification that the candidates for Liverpool mayor are not what he wants, so the application process will be reopened. He is a racist who refuses to acknowledge police brutality in the UK and ignores significant complaints from black and Muslim party members. He is an antisemite who would rather suspend Jewish leftists than have an adult conversation about how the antisemitism crisis was inflated by centrists for their own purposes. He is an egregious transphobe who won’t discipline bigots in his own cabinet. He is a Tory who chooses to neglect his role as leader of the opposition in the doomed hopes of picking up a few Tory votes in 2024. He is a cop-loving bastard who loves poor people going to prison. He is motivated by an unreasonable hatred against leftists, which trumps any wish to stand up against the Tories at a time when the government has murdered 120,000 people.

The man is concentrated fucking evil and will burn in the same pit as Johnson when his time comes. Big fuck you to anyone who thinks there’s a moral justification for supporting him, and if I see anyone tell another black, Muslim or trans person that they are “privileged” for refusing to support him then I guarantee they will want to delete their entire online presence once I’m done with them.


What is hope?”

 I believe it is more than just a word, itisn’t a mere feeling either, for me it is an intense feeling of optimism, ofsurvival, the assurance of a string that keeps us hinged to ourworld.Not the mortal world that we want to escape, but the worlds that we build forourselves. And just like our worlds are different so is our perception ofhope. 

Some may call hope sarcastic, or find itamusing. So may simple deny its existence? All of it depends on how yousee things, you opinion. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong.

There are times when all you see is darkness,the empty hollow space present inside yourself, No light, No bloom, Nomoving forward, No happenings, only the unending dark and the screeching painthat sucks life out of you.

Never forget the phenomena of day and night,every night has an end very similar to how every problem has a solution, youjust need to think, work and Hope.even when everything is fudged up, hoping that everything will be right.

Since my childhood I’ve been told that when youencounter a problem, stay strong, it’s a test from God. To see how brave youare, how much you can stand, how much can you bloom?

Like the soaring eagle in the magnificent sky,you can fly.

When you feel lost, and anger starts to step in,and all you feel is irrational within. Your eyes hurt, you cannot breath allyou can think of is to give up. Do not listen. Do not act. Calm yourself, and lookinside “is that what you really want?” “is that who you are?” “is this yourworth” and soon I am sure you will start to realize that everything might notbe as twisted as a wreath.

What does your perception of hope feels like,what is it to you, ask yourself, think. The world, I believe, is a test andthere will be impedes, hope is something that connects me to myself, makes meunderstand who I am better.

I believe in the power of Hope

Do you?

When the time comes donot despair

 the light neverfades

 you’re onlyenclosed within an empty dark wild space

 the world is fullof sorrow thorns

embedded in your path

 do not stopbecause of the blues,

 that come in yourpath

 the sun shinesbright

 so can you only ifyou know 

who Are you

felinepurrrstory:Kris Dresenfelinepurrrstory:Kris Dresenfelinepurrrstory:Kris Dresenfelinepurrrstory:Kris Dresenfelinepurrrstory:Kris Dresenfelinepurrrstory:Kris Dresen

Gillian Anderson’s books always make men Long for what pretty little liars could have been if they committed to the plot and stuck with Allison as a sociopath instead of everytime more boring “plot twists” with lose ends for shock value and making a pedophile a prince charming like…it could have stayed so good quality wise if their fucked up characters STAYED fucked up.


Cropped Jumpers made from Upcycled Ski Masks by Lasher Felix

suonko:Andrei Nikolaevich Schilder - Cottage in Finland


Andrei Nikolaevich Schilder - Cottage in Finland


people using the word “canonically” to talk about real qualities that real people have never fails to get me


I don’t know if this is still a thing, since my tumblr exposure was mostly Pinterest, but… can I please have a random supernatural gif?

There you go ;)

acrownofpeaches:Vivetta Spring 2017.acrownofpeaches:Vivetta Spring 2017.


Vivetta Spring 2017.

Not fair so not fair Sam and Dean deserved a better childhood. Not a John Winchester bashing post ju

Not fair so not fair Sam and Dean deserved a better childhood. Not a John Winchester bashing post just pointing out the obvious.


Antique beaded lamp and shade.

aqua-regia009:Autumnof Mountain (1993) - Yuqi Wang


Autumnof Mountain (1993) - Yuqi Wang

artist-kmakovsky:Tamara and Demon, 1889, Konstantin Makovsky


Tamara and Demon, 1889,Konstantin Makovsky

Welcome ;) - Supernatural Fandom

Welcome ;) - Supernatural Fandom

ivan-bilibin:Закат, 1926, Ivan BilibinMedium: gouache,cardboard


Закат, 1926,Ivan Bilibin

Medium: gouache,cardboard


TIRED of men claiming to idolize tyler durden but never dressing like him….why do men dress so boring? More men need to be dressing like this


I don’t mean this in a joking way but I really am in a type of love with all my friends. It’s not romantic, it’s “okay, I understand what people meant when they talked about villages raising children.” It’s “okay, I understand the poems about dying side by side in trenches.” It’s “okay, I understand Full House.”


What if we were both little felt mice…would u wear a matching outfit and collect flowers with me?


I think toy doctors are so nice actually like i remember being a little heartbroken kid when one of my beloved stuffed animals got old and torn up and my mom just threw him out. And i know what it would have meant to me, to have someone lovingly stitch him back up instead so i could love him just a little longer. And I’m really glad there are little kids out there who get to see pictures of their stuffed animals and dolls with little fake hospital beds and casts as they “rest & heal” before returning to them good as new. Like what a sweet thing to do with your life.