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Please spread the word to all manga lovers out there!

To those that know Raffmanga or Mangalator, it’s currently down! Please help sign he petition to reopen it!

For those that don’t know, it’s a manga site that provides fast manga releases and easier access to translating manga

This is the link

Spare the word!

So yeah… I’ve moved……

1)This is a secondary blog
2) Wanted a change of pace with everything new since I stopped using this blog for a while now

P.S. I’m not really gonna do anything to it yet till I dunno?… My current guess latest will be November or when I feel like it. So ya its gonna be empty for a while

P.P.S. Stuff will still be available & the new blog

P.P.P.S. Lame name I know, currently having a mental blockage. Will think of a better one later
Updated: 20/7/2014
changed to a better name :)

myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo


So basically, as far as I can tell..


In the mcl world a new dating game was released (eldarya) and all the boys decided to play and created their own little avatars. I could definitely see all of the mcl boys styling their eldarya characters the way they’re portrayed here not including Kentin. Castiel probably hacked him and added the horn.


Eldarya is just mcl characters playing their own mcl.

myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
englishotomegames:The Seal of Lycoris(リコリスの刻印)Release dates (Android)Japanese, English and four ot


The Seal of Lycoris

Release dates (Android)
Japanese, English and four other languages: December 8th, 2013

“A girl often dreams about myriads of silver-white Lycoris in full bloom. One day, on the way home with her relative Tomoyuki, she encounters an accident in the subway station. Amidst the chaos, she witnesses a commotion between a vampire with eyes the colour of a blood red ruby, and a fox spirit. Without any warning, the two start to lay claim to her. Tomoyuki struggles to protect the girl, but his powers as a human are futile against the mythical beings.

When the crimson full moon rises, the girl shall learn about her past, her fate, and the meaning behind the symbol on her chest. Who is the owner of the voice who keeps on appearing in her dreams?”

This is a new free game by Koyonplete! You can play it in six different languages, including English. Currently, only the Android version is available. You can download the Tomoyuki route here, the Cain route here, or the Yuie route here.


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myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
elvira-nordh:Pocky Pikachu! 


Pocky Pikachu! 

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fuck-yesanime:花咲く乙女Pixiv ID: 39767582Member: ヒレカツ


Pixiv ID: 39767582
Member: ヒレカツ

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myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo
myjapaneseobsessions gallery photo