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welcome to my blog!

i’m a bisexual switch that’s just trying to express their sexual desires. i love submissive boys and i love being dominated by girls. feel free to send me asks n stuff, i’ll answer everything!!

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With tumblr now hiding all nsfw from searches it’s more important than ever to reblog from nsfw content creators

kinkyy-babe gallery photo
kinkyy-babe gallery photo


audios of a boy getting off are honestly the best things ever nd are sounds of pure heaven

kinkyy-babe gallery photo
kinkyy-babe gallery photo
kinkyy-babe gallery photo


best feeling is when you just naturally click with a person. talking all day, every day, no forceful conversation, laughs, attention


Teasing your sub in public and them having to hide being turned on


Date a boy who smacks your butt every chance he gets


I just want to dance around in lacy lingerie and oversized shirts and makeout on someones lap

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DestinybyOkara[DON’T remove]

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Fuck me when I’m so tired that nearly unconscious. Fuck me, when I can’t even move. Use me, when I can’t fight you. Pin me to the bed, to the wall, to the desk. Slap me so I don’t fall asleep and if I do, put your dick into my mouth and facefuck me without any mercy. Treat me like a whore.

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things i can’t stop thinking about:

subby boys moaning

subby boys begging

subby boys wearing lingerie

subby boys being edged

subby boys being tied up

subby boys crying from desperation and/or pleasure

…basically just subby boys


the girls that look innocent who no one would expect to be kinky are always into the dirtiest shit and I love it 


When you call your sub “slut” during a scene and they eagerly reply with a moaned “yes, I’m yourslut”

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