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abolish cops

forrest. they/them. black lives matter. fuck terfs. abolish cops, ice, and prison. land back

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damn the amount of people on my dash still supporting G*l even tho she’s a Zionist, big yikes. No I will not be watching W***** W****



meanwhile white people on here (me included) are fawning over brad and claire’s shows but no poc at bon appetit has a show series like that. none of them. not sohla, not rick, not priya, not gaby, not alex lau who i just found out resigned because rapoport kept promising change and never delivering. bon appetit needs to step their shit up


okay let’s break this down. today trump has: 

  • threatened to kill the minneapolis protesters and bring in the military
  • racially profiled and called them “thugs” 
  • posted a racist quote from the 1960s threatening police violence 
  • is now withdrawing the US from the World Health Organization
  • is ending the US’ relationship with Hong Kong

all in 1 day. this all happened today. 



maybe if we unplug America and plug it back in???

leave it unplugged


think it is a good time to bring up the fact that the police in the united states of america are not legally required to protect people. that is straight up not part of their job.

furthermore,the united states police system was created largely out of runaway slave roundup patrols, they never existed to protect people, they were created to protect “property rights.”

They do not and have not ever existed to help keep folks safe. That is quite literally not even in their constitutional job description.


my whole vibe is on do not disturb


really looking forward to doing something one of these days

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I need more trans friends oh my god


This is like one of those art house horror movies with symbolism I don’t understand except I understand what this is trying to convey perfectly holy crap




my thoughts are like a clearance sale

once it’s gone it’s gone



I’m going to sleep here today


not gonna name names but SOME of u are sweet and kind and deserve the world and i am rooting for u

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